Our unique automobile leasing and car finance is among it’s like, the most convenient and reliable way of property acquisition. Our company views automobiles as more of a necessity than a luxury. We believe, every hard-working person is entitled to a minimum degree of comfort, which includes easy transportation to and from work. We,in collaboration with our Banks therefore have made easy,the purchase of vehicles of your choice for long and short term payment arrangements.

We finance/lease New cars, nearly new cars, buses, Ambulances, Operational vans, and Trucks ( Cooling trucks, Tippers, Trailers etc.) All you need do is choose from our comprehensive catalogue your choice vehicle, email to us at info@florideautomobiles.com and we will reserve the vehicle for you, pending when you come to 25% or 30% of the cost and drive away in a New or nearly new car of your dream. While you conveniently pay the balance over a period of 4years for NEW Vehicles and 3years for nearly new cars.


Joas Export Limited operates Nigeria’s premium and world class car rental brands, providing business and leisure to customers with a wide range of quality vehicles and services with a vision of becoming a global provider of business and consumer car rental services, serving the most popular domestic and international travel destinations.

Chauffeur drive Don’t want to drive? Want to be driven in style?We offer a chauffeur drive service to any location within and outside Nigeria.

Drive yourself Our premiere “Drive yourself” service allows you a direct access to the wheels of your choice car, offering you complete control and rewarding rental experience.

Delivery and collection We deliver your choice vehicle to your door step and collect it. This is usually on a request, an additional charge will apply. Long term rental At great rates, this offers a genuine solution to today’s constantly changing company’s fleet needs.

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